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Let the Moon release the weight of your world

Energy is all around us and we hold so much energy inside of ourselves that stops us from moving past hurt, recognizing the cycles that need to be broken and honoring your own emotions. The full moon energy is always here to assist you and help your release all what's weighing on you.

The cycles of the moon help us each month, this is the time to reflect on your surroundings, what's holding you back, recognizing the changes that are necessary to be made, to help you achieve the goals you have set for your self.

Take time during this full moon cycle to write down a list of things that are bothering you, things you want to change to help you achieve your true desired life. Once you have your list , in a safe space, with a fire safe bowl, bonfire, or fireplace burn your paper, feeling the weight being lifted and leaving it to the universe.

When we have made the decision to make changes , there will be tests, the universe wants to make sure you are ready to remove these types of energies , be aware of familiar situations that will begin to arise around you and how you RESPOND is so important at this time of change. It will bring growth, strength and awareness. If you feel that you have been here before , its time to ground your self and make the necessary decisions to not allow that energy to corrupt your spirit anymore, once the recognition is there, the recovery will begin and new opportunities will arise.

Stay strong for your self and always honor how you feel , its for a reason.

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