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Tarot Reading

3-Card Tarot Reading w/Psychic Intuition


A quick 3 card spread will help give guidance on a current situation or question you may have. Past, present and future gives a look into what you have been through, your current situation and the outcome. We always have free will, and this will give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes and awareness of things to come. Remember nothing is set in stone and we have the ability to change an outcome, if we have awareness to it. 

5 Card Tarot Reading w/Psychic Intuition


A more in-depth look at your current situation, giving guidance moving forward with insight into your future events over the next few weeks. This reading will offer guidance through a Past, Present and future reading adding on any challenges you will face and possible outcomes. Tarot cards are used in this reading along with oracle cards to deliver any other messages that need to come through. As well as any Psychic vision i am seeing through this reading. 

Tarot Cards _ Crystals
Tarot Cards

Psychic Reading with Tarot Cards


This reading is spiritually guided for what your energy is needing. Connecting with your spirit team, I am guided through energy. Oftentimes, I will use multiple decks, psychic vision, and even connecting with your loved ones. This reading is based on what your soul is needing to hear at this time.  Celtic spread is my go to choice and through this we can see a bigger picture over the next 3 months looking into 6 months on your future card. Loved ones and spiritual guides are welcomed in during this session and will channel messages as they come in. I give this reading to spirit and what ever you are needing is what will come through. 

Chakra Balancing


Chakra balancing helps remove blocked energy hidden within the chakras. Using a guided meditation bringing you into a deep state of relaxation, I will be using an assortment of crystals to clear, cleanse, and re-align your energy system.

Assorted Crystals
Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing


We are all spiritual beings living a human experience, having human emotions. We tend to bottle emotions and over time these emotional blockages will cause us to have physical ailments. Reiki is divine healing energy that comes from the highest of the heavens. Reiki knows where to go to clear any energy that is holding a Bioki (negative) vibration and transmutes this energy, and releases what isn't serving you, thereby easing up the physical and emotional issues you may be having. Reiki energy has the ability to travel through time and heals past situations, this is a great modality to help treat trauma from the past.

Past Life Reading


Through Reiki, I am able to access past lives and pick up on situations that you have went through. Most of the time, they are lessons we are still learning today. Reiki then offers healing those energetic chords to the past, releasing any energy that no longer serves you. 

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